Painting Techniques

                                    These technique videos are sure to inspire you and will help you simplify the painting process, so you have more time to enjoy life’s adventures. Our easy-to-use products such as Chalky Finish paint can be used to transform that favorite piece of furniture in your home such as a treasured wooden bench or chair. And with Dutch Boy’s premium paint products, you can achieve one-coat coverage with 3 simple steps. We encourage you to take a look.

                                    Painting Technique: Chalky Finish

                                    Painting Technique: Chalky Finish

                                    Turn your next find into a treasured favorite with a decorative paint finish that gives your home decor and furniture pieces a vintage look. With endless design options, a chalky finish can add character to any room.

                                    Painting Technique: One-Coat Application

                                    Painting Technique: One-Coat Application

                                    Follow these three simple steps to easily transform your space with just one coat. We have you covered with proven one-coat colors, premium products, and step-by-step application techniques to achieve one-coat coverage with confidence.

                                    Painting Techniques Videos

                                    • Chalky Finish
                                    • One Coat Application







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